Thea Bjerg Structure and Sculpture

Since decades the danish textile designer Thea Bjerg is setting trends with her sculptural textiles. She developed unique, exquisite handpleating techniques, which she uses in creating collections of exclusive, handmade accessories.

Portrait_thea_bjerg Since graduating from Danmarks Designskole in 1987 she has continuously developed her techniques to attain mastery of her material and an ever more precise artistic expression. Bjerg is one of the most innovative textile artists in the field today.

Combining her hand-pleating techniques with the latest technology like laser-cutting and ultrasonic welding, she transforms fabrics into sculptural objects that work equally well when worn on the body, as architectural elements, or as exhibition pieces in their own right.She has won numerous awards like the Japanese Nagoya Design DO! Silver medal and she is represented in numerous public art collections.
“I have always been fascinated by layers. They contain stories, both my own personal story, and the stories that each viewer reads into my work. The layers create drama without going over the top. I like my things to retain a certain purity,” Bjerg explains. “I live in the north, where the sun bathes the landscape in a luxuriant light. Nature is giving me a tool to work with. I can look at the same textile several times a day and see that it looks different in the changing light. The more textured the surface, the more dramatic the changes – that’s what brings the textile to life. (© copyright Danish Crafts)