Holly Berry LOVE code

This approach to emotionally durable design and lasting connections to products is a main focus in Holly Berry's work. Using words and patterns in her textiles also creates vivid visual statements, different on each side of the cloth as well as communicating messages of love and comfort.
Portrait_hberry_atwork_5 Her colour pallet is annually inspired by her own sketches, photography, travelling and flea market finds. She uses carefully sourced natural yarns such as cashmere, lamb’s wool and merino from UK suppliers to create her unique and bold colour pallet. All of her work is made within the UK.
Her larger blankets and wraps are woven in batches at a 250 year old mill in Scotland and spell out words such as 'LOVE' ‘HOLD’ and ‘MEMORIES’ in Morse-code. She also makes scarves, wraps, cushions and commissions that are HAND woven by herself in her South-London studio. Whilst enjoying the intimacy of production when hand weaving her collection of scarves, wraps and shawls she is also enjoying celebrating and promoting traditional UK manufacturing.
Weaving and all of its processes speak strongly to her ideals of time, storytelling and sustainable practice, taking the time, effort and skill to produce special work with a unique sense of value. Each piece she makes has artistic qualities though remains wholly functional; a colourful, bold and contemporary interpretation of a craft almost abolished by the industrial revolution of the 18thand 19thcenturies. She celebrates the traditions of this craft as well as honouring her long standing belief in slow textiles, responsibility and design for longevity.
She wishes to create heirlooms that capture memories and stories and encourage a connection between maker, object and owner.