Doris Raymann-Nowak Armbandl

A light, supple pearl bracelet that goes wonderfully with all outfits has accompanied me for many decades. It was designed and made by the mother of the renowned goldsmith and silversmith Doris Raymann-Nowak. In the 1920s, she attended the arts and crafts school in Reichenberg in Northern Bohemia - today Liberec in the Czech Republic. Among other skills, she learned how to thread rocailles - small glass beads made in Northern Bohemia - into round "tubes". This was the name given to necklaces in endless pattern variations.


Her daughter, Doris Raymann-Nowak, lived in Schwäbisch Gmünd decades later. She worked at the Wiesenthal Glassworks for a few weeks and discovered that the small glass beads she knew from her childhood were made there. The glassworks, founded as Ludwig Breit Hütte in Wiesenthal near Gablonz, had settled in Schwäbisch Gmünd after the war. With great enthusiasm, she bought beads in the most beautiful colours from large paper bags. And with that, threading began again. After her eightieth birthday, her mother started using the principle of round chains for bracelets. From then on, threading was again her great passion. Until two weeks before her death at the age of over 97, she sat with her beads for hours every day.

Doris Raymann-Nowak began to complete some of her mother's bracelets that she had started. Soon she took just as much pleasure in playing with colours and patterns that follow strict technical guidelines. Restrictions are a challenge here and set the framework within which she can vary and design with many possibilities Today the beads come partly from the Czech Republic, partly from Japan. Doris Raymann-Nowak, who has been making jewellery and utensils in her workshop in Spraitbach for over 40 years, is now continuing her mother's tradition of creating beautifully composed "Armbandl" in colours and patterns from fine glass beads.