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Billa Reitzner Table Setting Game

Our all mothers’ strict instruction about not playing while dining disappeared with the black & white plates and bowls made by the ceramist Billa Reitzner. We are allowed to combine and mix to our heart’s content. Each arrangement becomes a new totally individual creation and goes with the cocktail tomato, with asparagus, sushi or sweets or with anything we can think of. Let the game begin….


Billa Reitzner has a lot of interest in simple shapes, the repetition of these shapes and the rhythm they create. The easiest way to get this comes from the contrast between black and white. The picture puzzle of geometric structures changes constantly: where is the foreground and where the background? White cubes, black rails, or is it the other way around? Because all is made by hand there are a number of irregularities which give the whole a certain tension and vivaciousness. The square plates are made of fire-clay china, with black scratches, transparent varnish and has been fired at 1250 degrees. The porcelain softens again during the firing: the plates sink a little towards the middle. This softness is apparent in the finished plates.

The great expertise of Billa Reitzner becomes apparent in her bowls: she is able to turn her porcelain to such a delicate width that the transparent lightness of the material becomes obvious to the eye. The emphasis of the black on the white background is managed without it optically loosing their whole.

Billa Reitzner was professionally trained as a ceramicist and has kept her own studio since 1993 in Munich. In 2003 she got the ceramicist prize of Diessen. Lately she has become even more prominent through her experiments with her favourite material porcelain the transparency and delicacy of which she manages to produce to its ultimate possibilities.