Grand Final
07.04.2014 - 25.04.2014

craft2eu says goodbye to Hamburg and thank you to all its loyal aficionados.
Until 17.April 2014 we have day to day changing  surprise discounts for selected products
The Easter days are closed.
From 22. bis 25.April 2014 wie will have the grand final with farewell prices and a farewell gift for every customer.

The homepage keeps on going at your service - so you can find and order beautiful craft design from all over Europe at any time! Don' t hesitate to contact us!

All 9 Volumes of craft2eu exhibitions from 2004 - 2014 are documented and published in beautiful LOOKBOOKS - a treasure trove for creatives, stylists and all lovers of applied art and design. You can page through online or, if you like, order on demand the printed Lookbooks:  http://www.blurb.de/search/site_search?search=craft2eu+LOOKBOOK

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