10.04.2013 - 07.06.2013

Danish glass artists on show at craft2eu's.
Perfectly shaped, timeless and ingenious are words to describe the Danish glass scene which has a long and famous tradition. Design and free art are mixed without prejudice and become a kaleidoscope of wonderful glass objects, amongst them almost certainly you will find your very own favourite piece.

When it comes to design or glass art the Danes have a reputation which is head and shoulders above that of other countries. The word has spread far and wide about this dynamic and professionally lively scene of young and brilliant active artists and designers. The designer schools of Bornholm, Copenhagen and Kolding are an example in quality of training of their rising generation.

craft2eu will show a choice of wonderful pieces of glass art, objects and household glass which speak of the sense of style and talent of the Danes for form and colour. Originals and small series which prove that when it comes to the shaping of glass there are no limits – as long as the true masters in their craft are getting down to their work.

Trine Drivsholm, Leif Møller Nielsen & Christina Hellevik from Ebeltoft, Ned Cantrell & Karen Nyholm from Aarhus, Sia Mai, Marion Fortat and Jacob Lungholt from Copenhagen show their best work at craft2eu.

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