Ned Cantrell Clearly Art

English glass artist Ned Cantrell is always good for a surprise. He loves his workshop, his tools and the hot glow of his kiln – the movement choreographed by the rythm of the glass. His objects are created when he lets it run its course. There is no possibility of correction or change of mind. Everything has to be planned very carefully beforehand. One thing finishes in order to let another begin. But Ned Cantrell is a perfectionist.
Portrait_bild_8 His unique objects and small runs live by subtle contrasts. Ned Cantrell combines tradition and modern ideas, high culture and the taste of the masses, beauty and banality, functionality and incapability. All gets blown and shaped with the same intensity and care for quality in the glass kiln of his workshop because he is keen to always show his impressive mastership.

Ned Cantrell together with his Danish partner Karen Nyholm founded a glass studio in 2004 in Aarhus. Both are internationally known admired and successful, especially in the United States. His training at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Farnham, UK he added to with a Masters at the Glas and Keramikskolen at Bornholm, Denmark. He was also assistant to many well known colleagues in Sweden and Denmark, amongst them Tobias Mohl in Eleltoft, Denmark.