Victor Stuart Graham Fresh Breeze

Victor Stuart Graham creates driftwood boats and endless rows of meticulously detaled terraced houses made from selected off-cuts of ash. That´s how he tells us amazing messages from the seaside, like a poet but using colours and forms instead of words.
Portrait_bild_1 Victor Stuart Graham trained as a graphic designer, and followed this with an MA at the Royal College in textiles. Since then his work has taken many diverse forms, from teaching to painting municipal railings. He worked as knitwear designer before producing house portraits in needlepoint. While looking for suitable wood to frame them, he found pieces of driftwood crying out for "their inner boat to be relased." Although he still knits, he  is now principally known for his driftwood boats.
He collects selected pieces of driftwood which have an inherent boat shape trapped within their form. All he has to do is to release and enhance the boat.
He uses soft worn woods lightly decorated in subtle reds, blues and greens to create the effect of trawlers and little pleasure boats. They are not remotely naturalistic, but often carry tiny details, metal anchors and portholes, messages coded in seafaring flags.