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Pia Baastrup Porcelain Paperboats

Pia Baastrup looks over the waters of the Sund right in front of her studio door in Copenhagen and this must have been her inspiration. Her delicate china plates and bowls are well suited to many of the world?s cuisines. And it awakens in us memories of our childhood when we were folding paper boats to send downstream on their journey.


Pia Baastrup tells herself:

Two years ago I started selling a series of articles for everyday use made in China porcelain, which is burned at high temperatures and thereby becomes transparent. I sell my objects in Denmark, Japan and now via craft2eu in Germany.

I make the models in paper, which has the same lightness and transparency as porcelain. Then the porcelain is rolled into thin plates, cut into size and marked, bended or folded like paper and finally assembled into cups, bowels, plates and dishes. Where the porcelain is joined together contours appear, creating fine patterns. Each item is made by hand, which accounts for the small differences between the various models that makes each item unique. My technique takes 3-4 times as long as if I used casting or the wheel. The items often have various functions, e.g. the little bowl can be used as a cup and the dish can be used as a plate. The various items come in different sizes, in the colours white and pale turquoise and can be stacked.

I get my ideas while working, from nature and silence, from the sea, the light, stone and shells.