Mi Sook Hwang Contrast and concentration

The amazing perfection of Mi Sook Hwang's vessels fascinates and leaves us puzzled: Wood, lacquer, ceramics? Precise graphic patterns of tightly set lines cover simple, cylindrical ceramic bodies over their entire surface, visually dissolving them and provoking optical illusions. The static objects seem to be set in motion by their surfaces.
Portrait_craft2eu_misookhwang_portait "The form should appear simple but never boring, the pattern complicated but well organised" - this is how the Korean graphic artist and ceramist Mi Sook Hwang, who now lives in the Pfälzerwald, describes herself her objects made of stoneware and porcelain, in which she leaves nothing to chance. The ceramist does not leave the graphic artist behind. On the contrary! Today she combines both professions in a targeted manner. In former times the surface was her domain, today it is the body of the vessel. She lets its round curves stand out through her lines in countless variations and varieties, combining her striving for the highest perfection with the infinite possibilities of minimalistic design.

Mi Sook Hwang, born in 1964 in the South Korean capital Seoul, worked as a print media designer and art director all her life before she decided to train as a ceramist at the Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen, which she completed in 2018. Since then, she has amazed everyone with the way she puts the graphically framed vessel at the centre of her perfect design intention. "The visual dynamics of the line make her inclination towards Op Art - for the targeted animation of the eye - clear", writes Volker Bauermeister in his article in Neue Keramik 06|2020