Lilli Veers Minimum

Lilli Veers is famous for her breathtaking necklaces and brooches. They are unsurpassed for the drama of their shape and the spirited scene-setting of the stones and mounted coloured bodies. She keeps the world of jewellery-design on its toes with these wonderful compositions. We at craft2eu adore the subdued tones of Lilli Veers – her delicate, clear jewellery which has the potential to be everyday favourites and which are yet very special.
Portrait_bild_3 Lilli Veers says herself: ‘my work is founded on a continuous interlacing overlay of elements, situations, places, in-between places and is supposed to enable transitions, accentuating and combining through things left out. The result is mind-games and associations.’

The same applies to her elaborate pearl jewellery. Shimmering pearls continue the line of silver or blackened necklaces, they sometimes brake rank, get larger and get smaller just like the notes in a small piece of music.

The graphic pin-on jewellery describes with its fine stainless steel a pretended space, scribbled down like a sketch, as a black or colourful line. It directs the gaze to the area behind and around it and then again onto itself. As a plain and simple drawing, as a minimalistic graffiti on blouse or lapel it attracts the attention of the person in front of the person wearing it.

Lilli Veers studied to become a goldsmith graduation and graduated in the subjects of design at the University for Science and Art in Hildesheim under Professor Georg Dobler and Professor Werner Bünck. She is not just a recognised expert designer but also a master goldsmith.