Nora Rochel Finger Flowers

The jewellery pieces of Nora Rochel are abstract and ingenious at the same time researching beauty created by nature. On the one hand they remind us to secrets in coral reefs but on the other hand as well to pine cones and Veronica filiformis.


The rings of Nora Rochel transform hands into little landscapes and gardens. Even when the nature is giving inspiration for the rings, they are true products of phantasy. Espescially hidden details, like small blossoms inside, are characteristic for Nora Rochels' work.

She completed her product design studies with a diploma at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim. She subjoined an exchange semester in Korea as well as a internship at the studio of Kai Eppi Nölke, Konstanz. Since 2008 she exhibits her work and gained high recognition internationally.