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Keramische Werkstatt Margaretenhöhe Elegance for Contemplation

Those in the know have long regarded the Keramischen Werkstatt Margaretenhöhe as at the forefront of ceramics for everyday use. Here the spirit of Bauhaus and the contemplative elegance from Asia come together and the result is stunning.


All the hand-made bowls, plates, boxes, cups and crocks have been created out of the professional craft technique. Normally in European Ceramics which in the South tend to lean towards the decorative look and in the North are more design-orientated, here the shapes emerge wholly from the turn of the wheel. The influence comes from the Korean potter Young-Jae Lee, and so all the potters of the manufacture Margaretenhoehe work as they do in Far-Eastern pottery: from inside outwards. The size of her pots shows this, there is something majestic about them. Her clear shapes have a sensual feel which reflect her enjoyment of food and drink. The trend to multicultural eating is well served by the ceramics from the Margaretenhoehe. Each piece from her series is combinable and can be used in many ways. Six different shades of glazing ? off white, light jade-green, opaque or shiny, dark green, opaque or shiny as well as lively rust-brown, they all give a multitude of possibilities which are enough to make the tableware from the Margaretenhoehe combinable in many different ways. !

In August 2005 the Ceramic Workshop of the Margaretenhoehe was given the 1. Hessischen Staatsprize for craft at the Frankfurt Fair "Tendence".craft2eu is ready to assist you in composing your personal favourites for your table.