Anke Hennig Twisted

the jewellery pieces of Anke Hennig are an eye-catching symbiosis of traditional technique and ambitious creativity. Their flimsy elegance paired with decorative volume is at the same time characteristic and secret of their creator.


Anke Hennig tells us:

'The underlying idea of my work is a new design principle. I am limited to clear forms and the principle of sequences. Simple, flat braids are wound around and over themselves and form a spiral and provide an unusual aesthetic in the third dimension. Pieces of jewellery are produced with an appearance and an surface, which hardly allows one to imagine its origin. The lightness and mouldability of the materials are particularly important to me. My preference for filigrees influence the original shape of my jewellery.'

Anke Hennig was educated at the famous Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule für Kunst & Design, Halle, Germany. First she graduated in Textile Design. Later she did the same in Jewellery Design. But only after a one year' s stay in Italy for a work experience with 'Tessoria Asolana' in Asolo and jewellery designer Carla Riccoboni in Bassano. This background makes clear why Anke Henning is extremly confident in old techniques and their value for contemporary interpretation. In 2005 she established as free lanced jewellery designer, 2008 supported by a bursary of the art foundation in Sachsen Anhalt. She contributed to many international exhibititions and publications. Her work was also included in Sarah E. Braddock Clarke und Marie O´Mahony's book published by Thames & Hudson 2005 : 'techno textiles 2 - revolutionary fabrics for fashion and design'.