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Ulla Forsell Botanica

Ulla Forsell is one of the great personalities within  contemporary glassmaking. "My passion is blown glass formed by hand, richly decorated, bordering on baroque." Inspired by nature, flora and fauna, she seeks to capture the sensual element in glass with shimmering surfaces, creating oversized natural objects of baroque beauty: delicious, sensuous and glamorous - supposed as wall- or table decoration as wall as floating in the air as mobile.
Portrait_ulla_forsell Glass is transparent. But glass also has a capacity for storing light and reflecting it back to us. Ulla Forsell says:
“Of all the materials that impact on modern life, glass would surely be missed more than any other if it were gone. No glass, no windows to view the outside from within. No other material has this magical dimension of invisibility. Glass has a capacity for storing light and reflecting it back to us. Cased glass, in which a coloured bolt is covered in molten clear crystal, displays this to a unique extent.

The coloured sheets of glass for her Botanica series are made using the traditional technique of blowing cylinders that are then cut open and flattened while hot. She is taking the botanical illustrations mainly from 18th century etchings by the German botanist Georg Dionysius Ehret and the  imagery from the English naturalist and water-colourist Eleazar Albin. The motifs are screen-printed onto the glass panels and then fired. Finally, a mirror coating is applied to the back of the panel that creates a dark and mysterious undertone.

Ulla Forsell was educated at Konstfack Stockholm, Glass School in Orrefors and Rietveldt Academy in Amsterdam. Since 1974 she has been blowing glass in her own glass studio in Stockholm. Her wonderful glass work is shown internationally, by galleries and museums as well as on art fairs.They are part of private an public collections in Scandinavia as well as at Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Corning Museum of Glass, USA.