Tanja Niedermann Textile Sheen

Tanja Niedermann plays a subtle game with her so-called "structure-jewellery". The impression of floral and graphic designs changes on the surface depending on the light, just as it does on precious damask. It seems a kind of picture puzzle, related to pattern books from days-gone-by. It has been changed very successfully into precious metal by her, even for plates and cutlery.


Tanja Niedermann has decided only to use very simple puristic forms of jewellery: the oval shape for the brooch and the earrings. A huge ring for the fingers. This clever restraint enables the delicate decoration on the surface to show its effect. Fascinating the play of positive and negative, but equally the lacy work, carefully executed in the smallest space. The effect is alienation of the idea of textiles- the original patterns were meant to be for larger areas. But in this small scale the detail becomes the star and so we have an attractive piece of jewellery, at the same time fashionable and trendy.

Tanja Niedermann studied jewellery and product design in Dusseldorf and Pforzheim, at the Sandberg Institut in Amsterdam, at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax in Canada and she spent several months as a graduate of various projects in Bolivia and in England. Put in a nutshell like this we see already quite well what kind of person this yound designer is: she is always on the road, and on the go, grabbing every chance to learn something new or to exchange experiences with others working in a team.