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Susan Heise Fresh Speed Ahead

From the studio of Susan Heise comes some wonderful refreshingly new porcelain. It has been thrown by hand and is full of energy and enthusiasm you can feel. Delicious bowls, cups and vases made from pure white porcelain seem delicate and transparent but are surprisingly compact in your hand.


Susan Heise concentrates fully on the quality of pure white porcelain. She uses exclusively transparent glazing and a very individual subtle choice in a mix of pastel blue-yellow-green shades which result in an array of shimmering turquoise to green glaze and to remind one very much of Celadon glazing. The bowls and cups of every size and shape have been thrown in most professional way. They open a vast possibility of usages. On the outside they are opaque, with an interesting structure of chamfered lines or an intensivly polished surface.

Each object has been individualy turned and has been inspired by classic forms of containers. Tiny differences are the thickness of the material, the curvature of the shape, structural density, glazing and height. Each and every piece is an attractive object to have on the laid table. A number of them are a lively group because of the minimal variation of the same or related bowls.

Susan Heise conveys her enthusiasm and her joy through the process of development of her bowls, vases and cups. They are very elegant and ooze preciousness.

Susan Heise completed her professional qualification on the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle - University for Art and Design eversince with best reputation. Since 2008 she has run her own studio at Leipzig.