Silvia Chaneva Bowls like Ideas

The Bulgarian ceramist Silvia Chaneva is following natural archetypes creating her surface designs on precious porcelain bowls. Similar to conches they are showing layered structures which protect an immaculate inside.
Portrait_silviachaneva__2016www The material which Silvia uses for her works is coloured porcelain. She also uses transparent glaze to cover the inside surface of the bowls. All of the forms are cast in a mold. To create one single form, she lays three to four different layers of porcelain, which is a long process. After the casting when the porcelain is dry enough she is using sandpaper to take off thin layers from the pieces until she is receiving the final shape that she wants. Then comes the first biscuit firing and after, the glaze firing of 1200 degrees.

These objects are fascinating as citation of archaic nativeness, at the same time precious and raw but always related to eternal values. Only the colours are obviously artificial and therefore the irritating effect, giving room to an art aspect.

Silvia Chaneva graduated  at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 1994, with a major ceramics, in the Professor Bojidar Bonchev’s class. She is member of the Bulgarian Artists Union since 1996. She participated in almost all Bulgarian exhibitions specialised in ceramics and exhibited in Italy, Germany, Austria and the UK were she gained a lot of attention for her work.