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Marie Langaa Pedersen Teabags

The Teabag and Cotton Cup are cast in porcelain based on a sewn textile mould. The ability of the clay to reproduce the textile material creates a texture that appeals to our sense of touch. The classic door knob, which is used here as a handle on The Teabag, also reflects the grip of the hand, thus highlighting a story about closeness and intimacy. The textile cup and teapot tell a story of homeliness through the recognisability of the materials. An essential objective for her is to create an illusion – a visual trick that challenges the beholder and questions what the eye sees.

Portrait_maria_langaa_pedersen With her project 'teabag' Marie Langaa Pedersen approaches the borderline between applied and conceptional art. Familiar domesticity is being conveyed through the form and structure – and last not least the jug with its capacity of 1.2 liters is a useful object. Together with the matching 'material mugs' it is available in white, mint, pink and grey.

Marie Langaa graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm in 2008. Since the summer of 2008, she has worked out of her workshop in Valby by Copenhagen, where all her products are developed and produced. Her works have been exhibited in a variety of venues, including Form/Design Center in Malmö, Sweden and the art centre SAK in Svendborg. Marie Langaa works with large objects for everyday use, typically made of porcelain casting slip. She is fascinated with the functionality of products. As the objects harden and are put to use, an act emerges and thus a relationship between the user and zthe object, which Marie Langaa finds inspiring. One source of her products is a playful approach to the materials and a fascination with the encounter between materials and recognisability. Furthermore, Marie Langaa’s products are often characterised by reflecting a transformation of the industrial impression.

Text by Danish Crafts