Marie-Anne Thieffry Cardboard sculptures

For her sculptures, Marie-Anne Thieffry chooses cardboard as her raw material. A banal material par excellence, she liberates it from its utilitarian nature as packaging and creates works characterised by lightness, poetry and light, objects made of cardboard whose soft and elegant curves both embody and transform its raw essence as a material.
Portrait_marie-anne_thieffry0 Her work moves between decorative art and sculpture. The pieces are created from two different processes, using either voluminous wave corrugated cardboard or laminated cardboard. In both cases, the contrast between the elegance of the curves and the astringency of the material results in a poetic and sensitive form of sculptural expression. Marie-Anne Thieffry was awarded the Audience Prize of the European Prize for Applied Arts in 2021.

Some of the artist's objects will be exhibited by craft2eu at the GRASSIMESSE in Leipzig from 21 to 23 October 2022.