Leif Møller Nielsen Message in a bottle

The archaic shape of a bottle is endlessly usable in shape, size, surface and consistency etc. Leif Møller Nielsen shows bottles made from glass. Nothing new, one might think, but these ones seem to have very individual personalities. In a group, a still-life or an arrangement each bottle comes across as a very self confident object in itself but in a balance with the other bottles.
Portrait_m_ller_nielsen9 The material of glass is treated by Leif Møller Nielsen almost as if it were a precious stone. He leaves it transparent, gives it a matt finish with a sand blower or polishes it carefully by hand; the chosen colour and form, sometimes squat, sometimes slim with all shades in between. What results is a big family of unique bottles, each one with its very own charm, its own character. Everything can be found: the bossy individualist, the ideal team player – the game never ends.

Leif Møller Nielsen trained for three years as a glass blower at the glass-school in Kosta in Sweden and straight after that, in the summer of 2002, he visited the glass courses of the Italian maestros Davide Salvadore and Elio Quarisa. In 2007 he went to the master classes of Lino Tagliapetra and in 2010 of Benkamin Edols, both at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Main, USA.

He has worked as an assistant for many renowned glass blowers in Denmark, for example for Tobias Møhl and for Trine Drivsholm. From 2006 until 2010 he was head of foundry at the glass foundry attached to the glass-museum Ebeltoft. Since 2010 he has been running his own glass workshop together with Christina Hellevik directly opposite the museum.