Jane Crisp Beauty in Utility

Drawing on centuries old boatbilding techniques, Jane Crip creates a collection of strikingly beautiful trugs, each one the perfect fusion of the past and the present. She loves the way steambending allows her to introduce dramatic curves into her designs and showcase the natural forms of the wood.
Portrait_craft2eu_jane_crisp It takes about 15 minutes of steaming the ash she uses for the wood to become bendy enough. Working quickly she skilfully bends the material around a form or mould screwed onto an old wooden wine crate and leaves it until it is cool enough to hold its shape. Than she begins to assemble the components hammering copper and nails, a traditional boatbuilding fixing, to hold each element in place. For some designs she replaces a piece of wood with a length of brass, which adds extra strength and weight. To get a nice patina on the metal she puts flick vinegar onto the metal every day for a week beforehand. This creates interesting layers of blue and green building up a sense of history that will grow even more as the trug ages. Finally each trug will be sanded and waxed with oil.

Jane Crisp completed a Furniture Making and Upholstery course at the college of West Anglia in Wisbech which was followed by a dregree in Furniture: Design & Craft at Bucks New University in High Wycombe which was the most practical one she could find. Here a brief to create a batch product sparked the idea for her innovative trugs. This was dispalyed at the New designers exhibition as part of Janes final degree show and the response was amazing.
Jane is living and working in Hale Fen, in the middle of a beautiful countryside at the Norfolk Cambridgshire border, with best conditions to develop and create wonderful designs, giving traditional crafts a contemporary and covetable twist.
Jane Crisp was supported by the Hothouse 5 makers programm of the Crafts Council and actually awarded as most promising new business at the GNCCF in Manchester and by the Craft Excellence Award at the Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Fair
and shortlisted for the Wesley-Barrell Craft Award.