Hester Zagt Modern Tradition

In the old days porcelain was called 'white gold'. But what makes the whole thing actually even more exciting is the fact, that Hester Zagt does not always have it white. She plays with the traditions of her own country, Holland. And  - as everyone knows – they are rich and famous.
Portrait_hester_zagt Old fashioned silver buttons wrought artistically and embroidered handkerchiefs are the models for her current collection. Such a quote from cultural traditions conveys something trustworthy.  Added to that we have the material porcelain which depending on how it is worked, presents itself as flatteringly smooth or cautiously matt.  With new materials as well as with innovative techniques Hester Zagt breathes new life into old craft tradition.

This enjoyment of experimentation and deep knowledge of technical skills gets passed on by her in her role as tutor for jewellery design to her students at Utrecht. In 2008 Hester Zagt won the Innovation Prize at the Inhorgenta in Munich.