Grant McCaig The Spoon of Neptune

Grant McCaig is at present considered in the vanguard of the young British scene of silver smiths. He is prospecting to find the essential balance of nature and the world. He catches the 'match point' at which chaos and order collide. This is a moment which is difficult to fathom, either physically or spiritually or even mentally, but which is indisputably omnipresent.

Portrait_bild_8 He is mainly interested in driftwood as a material which is a contrast to the preciousness of silver. The principle of something of value he combines with the precision of artisan craft and mastery and also with material which has already seen some life in another guise and has been branded by it.

The traces of workmanship are documented in the silver object just as much as in the evolutionary traces in the wood itself. In this way Grang McCaig achieves a very particular aestheticism which is based on our understanding of form and function of everyday objects of use.

The person who looks at his work finds himself to be aware of the spectacularly managed collision of experiences. The result is that it will be a great pleasure to eat something with the spoon of Neptune and to discover the deeper meaning at the way it looks at the same time.

Grant McCaig graduated in 2011 with an MA as a gold- and silversmith from the Royal College of Art in London. Already in 2008 he was awarded the 'Young Designer of the Year' at the British Silver Week. His work can be found in many public and private collections and ever-more sophisticated international exhibitions celebrate his work.