Frank Schillo Full swing

Scarcely another ceramist is so concentrated in his style and at the same time so diversified. Frank Schillo's vessels, objects and vases are full of swing and energy. They are communicating intensivly with the space around. The variation of his reduced form-, colour- and structur-canons seems to him inexhaustible.


Frank Schillo is a form-ceramist who is not at all concerned about expressions or ceramic effects with his pots which he always fires from light earthenware in the electric kiln with a temperature of 1260 degrees. It is exactly the defined space even restriction of his cool conceptual ideas which force him to submit them to the technical aspects of his ceramics. This is most apparent in his way of glazng: the glazing, spreayed on in an even monochrome way, mostly in matt white or black or grey colour, take on the desired shape very gently and without exaggeration, without pushiing itself into the foreground. Frank Schillo insists on a formal quality and definite truthfulness of a formal principle in his ceramics. Even in the ceramics for everyday use his style is always apparent. Frunctionalism and practicallity are here united whilst in his studio ceramics he lets his shapes literally grow.

Frank Schillos ceramics are a tight rope between contaner and object and he has found many admirer: numerous awards and a large number of sales to mueseums are proof of this. He has kept his own ceramic workshop in the Bonn area for several years now.

Part of the text is taken from Walter H. Lokaus's introduction to the exhibition of Frank Schillo' s work at the Landesmuseum for Art and Art History at Oldenburg 2007.