Frank Meurer Light gravity

Frank Meurer's glass objects are influenced by the interest of a glass blower in technique when he is searching for a successful combination of subtle structures with strong shapes and colours. The continuous experiment leads to a width in the variety of glass objects which are as different from each other as the members of a continuously growing family

Portrait_portrait_meurer The group of half-bowls is based on the geometric form of a ball. It has an inner rim overhang, and an inner layer of colour which is held by clear glass.

The objects are turned in glass powder at the end of their shaping process which is not completely sealed at the end. Or the soft exterior skin of the hot glass gets plucked with pincers and given a satin glaze by sandblasting. The effect is an attractive contrast of smooth inner life and grainy rough or uneven outer skin.

Polished edges or rather surface details heighten this effect and enable a deep view of the volume of the object. The polished bottom of the pots are consciously set outside the middle axle of the pot by Frank Meurer. This way each pot demands a different angle for viewing and creates movement – especially if several of the items are put together.

Frank Meurer trained at the technical college for glass at Zwiesel and followed that with work at various glassworkshops. In 2003 he became an independent member of the workshop-cooperative Hirschenstrasse in Fürth. In 2005 he took over a workshop in Munster and now in Krawitz in the Wendland. He contributes to many exhibitions inside and outside Germany.