Corinna Petra Friedrich Surface to Form

In the serial collection of patterned cups, oval plates, large pots or small vessels, these ceramics arouse creative collector's desire to combine, compose and assemble, while at the same time adding some of the enthusiasm followed by the artist Corinna Petra Friedrich when she intuitively patternes and cuts colored surfaces and builds them up to unique individual vessel vases.

Portrait_corinna_petra_friedrich Arctic seas green - Scandinavian blue - a tired paper white - Strawberry cream pink - Ocher-yellow and bathroom green. A little shaky checkered, rickety lined, spotted, dotted, speckled, hand-drawn living surfaces. Point and line are the inspiring beginnings of a whole universe of vibrating surfaces, tiny structures, graphic patterns in related and complementary colors. The memory of grandma and grandpa's kitchen curtains, a skirt, an apron, the carpet edge and the chair cushion from the child's perspective. Sustainably casual on a daily basis and now, decades later, revived on the surfaces of these ceramic vessels.

Corinna Friedrich's handling of clay also has a very sensual component. She needs the haptic experience, the substantial handling of her material. To turn and build, to feel and shape the clay between the fingers, to a vessel that is formed by her creative power, the skill and virtuosity of her hands. She sees it as a big advantage to have learned her craft "from the ground up".

She achieves her goal by proceeding in the opposite direction, first designing the decors and then the form. From prepared clay slabs she cuts out the pieces like the pieces of a patchwork and puts them together. The combination of patterns and colors inspires her. Even the small utensils, tins, cups, and bowls are made up of plates, giving that slight touch of imperfection that makes handmade things so endearing. But only in nuances, the artist does not allow more. Her meticulous perfection surprises without being in the foreground. This remains for the playful-seeming staging of decors and colors.

Corinna Petra Friedrich is a native of Leipzig. She studied painting there with Prof. Sighard Gille at the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2007. After one year as a freelance artist, she decided to study ceramics through various internships and apprenticeship from 2008 to 2011 with Birke Kästner in Dalberg. From 2012 to 2014 she studied in the ceramics class of Prof. Martin Neubert at Burg Giebichenstein, Kunsthochschule Halle. As a scholarship holder of the Archie Bray Foundation she made a residency in the USA. Corinna Petra Friedrich presents her work in many exhibitions and has made a name for herself as a participant in the TALENTE for the IHM 2016 as well as a finalist in the international competition for the 59th Faenza Prize. She has her studio in Leipzig.