Christine Ruff Schwammerl

"The work manages to straddle with a convincing and extremely elegant step the world of excellently mastered craft to sculpture' is how the jury justified the State Prize of North Rhein Westfalia in 2012 for their choice of the 'Schwammerl' group by Christine Ruff. They were particularly impressed by the 'skillful interplay of centrifugal and gravitational force, something unheard of in axially symmetric cast pots but instead mostly applied to turned ceramics.."
Portrait_portraitfoto_christianeruff_w After qualifying as a ceramics painter Christine Ruff studied ceramic composition and worked for a number of years as assistant in the workshop of the sculpture Tony Cragg. There she could deepen her sensitivity for forms.
Since 2004 she has worked in her own workshop in Wuppertal. Her simple, sculptured objects are partly art and design, and partly space object and utensil for everyday use. They are all made in the casting method, a technique which has now got a new significance between the ceramic techniques as it offers a wide playing ground for experimental work.