Christina Hellevik All Colour

Christina Hellevik sees glass as magic and herself as magician. Her personal modernity is inspired by tradition and best practice. She also combines vintage and new glass. This falls into place, the lovely painted and formed kitsch with puristic nobled forms of colours.


Christina Hellevik tells us:

Glass is magic and I'm the magician. A pot full of red glowing liquid glass can be turned into the most beautiful things. The process of creating is extremly efficient. You have to be very focused or you will loose it. The intensity and speed fro the beginning until the end is orgasmic. And turning a red glowing gob into an elegant vase and playing with shapes an colours is what makes me love my craft.

Seeing the joy in peoples faces when they see my glass is like fuel to my body. My aim is to share what makes me feel happy. To tell people a story and to give them am memory to take home. Maybe in a glass jar with their grandma's old porcelain lid or a vase with a unique trace of spots."

Christina Hellevik studied from 2001 to 2004 at the Danish Kolding Design School ceramic department and from 2004 to 2007 at Kosta Glass School in Sweden. Since 2005 she assisted to nearly all big names of contemporary Scandinavian glass art. First exhibitions in Denmark were rather succesful - she is an extremly promising young glass blower we have to pay attention what' s coming next.