Antje Stutz Pro and Contra

Antje Stutz creates expressive and confident pieces of jewellery.  Compositions made from oxidised silver, lacquer, semi-precious pearls like peridot, citrin, amethyst. Compositions in colour: strong, controversial, harmonic, colourful and each time pierced by the irritating effect of the oxidised silver which has not been polished at all. Compositions in shapes: colourful strings of pearls alternate dramatically with circles and squiggles in space. 
Portrait_antje_stutz_craft2eu These objects which resemble the quality of sculptures are explained by the jewellery design of Antje Stutz. The compositions have their own dynamic, individual and unique like a painting or a sculpture are the motivation and the statement.  Surely as something worn these pieces of jewellery provoke extreme reactions which go from great admiration to irritation. What is jewellery, where does it start, where does it end?

The  subtle material-, colour- and form- collages live from the sympathy and antipathy of their elements.  From the striking mix of colours in contrast to the multitude of nuances within the oxidised precious metal and the subtle shine of the precious stones. The spatiality of imprecise rings in a dialogue with rippling pearl structures.
Antje Stutz transfers part of this tension even to her tiniest earrings – confronting in them beaming glossy lacquer with the morbid traces of oxidation - and the effect is decorative and controversial, all in the smallest space.
Antje Stutz trained as a goldsmith in Pfotzheim and after her graduation she studied painting at the Academy of Art in Karlsruhe. Since the year 2000 she has concentrated on jewellery as a self-employed artist and has exhibited at chosen trade fairs, in exhibitions and in galleries.