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Anna Sykora Retro - and not born yesterday

Using traditional methods of working with porcelain Anna Sykora captures attractive forms and decoration, which not without purpose hark back to the 50s – but just as much suit today’s mood. Her signature maintains and develops steadfastly of the years in practicable form.


She turns her pots made of fine Limoges porcelain on the potter's wheel. When they are still in their sensitive natural state they are covered with a fine layer of Terra Sigillata, then they are decorated by hand. In a complicated procedure the ceramist creates this covering herself out of earth which is rich in illit which tends to cover the object smoothly and shiningly even without any varnish. The Terra Sigillata will be coloured with ceramic paint and oxide, made after a recipe of her own. In this way the surface gets its very particular character which it is not possible to create with the usual varnish.

After a low first firing the pots are glased inside and then they are fired at much higher temperatures. This is how the porcelain gets its typical transperancy. It is dishwasher safe and good for everyday use despite its Sunday look.

Anna Sykora, who absolved her apprenticeship years in various German and English ceramic studios achieved her professional qualification as a master in 1991 at the College for Ceramic Design in Hoehr-Grenzhausen. Since 1992 she has her own studio in Berlin. In 2004 she gained the State Prize for Art and Craft at the Frankfurt Fair, Tendence.