Ann van Hoey Earthenware Ferrari

In the work of Belgian ceramic artist Ann Van Hoey, everything seems to originate from a flawless order and geometric logic. Even the origami-like incisions that interrupt the pure form of the circle or of the hemisphere express the will to reach perfection and contribute to a new purity, that of creation.

Portrait_ann_van_hoey With deceptive ease, Ann Van Hoey succeeds in bringing about a new order and a new logic that are her own, the order and logic of a clear and pure line that seems almost compass-drawn, aiming for a technically impeccable result and an aesthetic that is as simple as it is seductive.

About “The Earthenware Ferrari’ Ann van Hoey tells us herself:
"I am a late starter in ceramics, until I got 50, I was active in business. In the ceramic world I immediately got good responses on my work, but in the world I used to live in nobody took notice, they even didn’t look at my work. I decided to combine my earthenware vessels with something that they knew and that fascinates them: sports cars. I decided to go for Ferrari red and yellow, the colours they use onto their Formula 1 cars. It was merely a cry for attention and I must say that it helped.
Spraying the car paint onto the fired pieces  demands also the highest concentration and I had to search a long time for a very skilled professional car painter, who was willing to achieve this job for me.
And also:
This work combines the old metier of making earthenware vessels with the most luxurious status symbol of modern society, that of a red Ferrari. On a Ferrari car, the glossy red coating is merely meant to seduce the consumer. Here, however, the unexpected combination of pure craftsmanship with the pinnacle of capitalist consumerism, challenges the spectator to reflect upon the balance between tradition and progress."