Abbott & Ellwood Frische Brise

Why the coast inspires Mike Abbott and Kim Ellwood - they tell us:

'Walking along the fantastic coastal footpaths is a great way to consummate all those floating ideas and the beach is always a magic place, whether collecting winter drift plastic or just soaking up the sun’.

Portrait_portrait_mikeandkim2 ‘It is not necessarily a direct inspiration but living on the north coast in West Penwith (Cornwall) is just about the most spectacular piece of coast in the country! We have a boat which we take out on balmy days and paddle around the coastline, detached from the land and gaining a different perspective on the world…. Mike paraglides along the coastal ridges, and the To The lightouse piece came directly from the experience of flying over Godrevy lighthouse. The Journey to the Mount piece came from a very rocky ferry trip over to St Michael’s Mount at high tide. The Collectors is a piece made for the Victoria and Albert Museum showcase, it is about a group of collectors venturing forth on their boat to explore new lands and collect booty to bring back home!'